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How to Make More Money Per Massage

As busy massage therapists our time is precious and we therefore need to make the most of it, which also means making the most money we can in the hours that we are working. Many of us that are working in the health and wellness industry struggle with the idea of making money. However, if… Continue reading How to Make More Money Per Massage

Massage Marketing Tips

doTERRA Australia Essential Oils

Unless you've been living under a rock, you would have no doubt heard the buzz lately about essential oils. One company, in particular called doTERRA Australia ( is behind the near meteoric rise in essential oil sales in this country. What are essential oils and what makes them so popular? Essential oils are the extracted… Continue reading doTERRA Australia Essential Oils

Massage Marketing Tips

Massage Surfers Paradise: My Week of Massage on the Gold Coast!

I recently had a holiday in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and while I was really looking forward to laying on the beach and working on my non-existent tan, the weather (unfortunately) did not want to co-operate. For the entire week it rained. There was no sunshine to speak of and when it's wet… Continue reading Massage Surfers Paradise: My Week of Massage on the Gold Coast!

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Presidents Pak by Isagenix

Over the last few months I've been testing out some products namely the Presidents Pack by a company called Isagenix. Isagenix are becoming famous worldwide for their highly effective nutritional cleansing program, which is helping people to transform their bodies (lose weight, gain healthy lean muscle), dramatically increase their energy and performance and add life… Continue reading Presidents Pak by Isagenix