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Massage Surfers Paradise: My Week of Massage on the Gold Coast!

I recently had a holiday in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and while I was really looking forward to laying on the beach and working on my non-existent tan, the weather (unfortunately) did not want to co-operate.

For the entire week it rained. There was no sunshine to speak of and when it’s wet and no sun it feels cold, even in the tropics.

So I had to take my ‘pursuit of pleasure’ in doors and being a lover of really great massage therapy, I decided to try out what kind of Massage Surfers Paradise had to offer.

To my delight I discovered that there’s almost every style imaginable including Thai, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Swedish, Shiatsu and my long-time favourite: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.

What I found interesting is the variations in price between massage therapists. Some were really cheap e.g. $45 for an hour and some were charging as much as $149 for a 60minute massage session!

As a marketer, I’m hardwired to equate price with quality and therefore the cheapest priced massage rarely appeals to me. However, as I had a whole week to fill in I figured I’d did try a couple of the cheaper sessions and evaluate.

Unfortunately, each time I came away feeling unsatisfied. The link between price and quality is a valid one and more often than not, you get what you pay for.

The 2 best massages I had were priced between the $70-$90 range and both the therapists were accredited and also offered a money-back satisfaction guarantee, which of course being a marketer I really liked.

Guarantee’s reflect confidence, which in turn inspires confidence. I mean, if you’re great at what you do why wouldn’t you offer a satisfaction guarantee? You’ll probably never need to honour it (as long as you over deliver), but it’s reassuring to potential customers / clients and can help bring in more business.

Anyway, by the end of the week I’d had 8 different massages in Surfers Paradise, all varying in price and quality. The sun finally came out on day I was due to fly out (Murphy’s law?) and as annoying as that was I was feeling very relaxed, and I’d even drummed up some business offering to help with a couple of the massage therapists online promotions.

All in all, even though it wasn’t the holiday I expected I had a good time away and I look forward to going back again soon. Hopefully the sun will be waiting for me.


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