About Me

JT has over 10 years experience in the Health & Wellness industry.

He’s owned and operated several successful businesses including massage practices and a popular day spa which he built from the ground up with his partner and then onsold 18 months later.

JT has a wealth of knowledge to share and has a special passion and skill for marketing, promotion and designing successful business models.

Today he dedicates much of his time helping massage therapists from all around the world to build thriving and successful practices, via the Internet through his blog, articles and ebooks.


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. i my name is luis lopez im 19 years old im living in florida at the moment. I have to young children which whom i live with and a girlfrien who is in school also. Im currently attending Florida metro politon university for massege therapy. I use to be a troubled teen in and out of jail. Now for the first time i really can see a great future ahead of me . I think i have a great aspect of the buissness part of my goals but just lack the experience. I really think i can provide a great future for my kids if i follow my heart and take life as an on going experience….. thank you for your tips i think their a great refrance for some one as young as myself starting out i plan on printing your tips out and hanging them on my wall that way when i wake up in the mornig that is the first thing i see and is what i let guide me to a successful future…… Thank you

  2. Hey James thanks for the tips, I have big aspirations for what massage can do, and its amazing and rare to see someone who loves massage and has the desire to share his secrets with other therapists. Thank you very much. I’d like to subscribe to your ideas!

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